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SmokeBoss - Ambient Smoke Monitor - Fire Detection Sensor

SmokeBoss Smoke SensorSmokeBoss Smoke Sensor

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SmokeBoss - Ambient Smoke Monitor -- Responds to optical obscuration of air due to smoke particles. Has a 4-20ma, linear output over the 0-10% optical density (OD) range. Powered from 10-30VDC, three wire hookup, draws about 50ma max. Proven in nasty environments, this product is MSHA classified for hazardous methane areas of underground coal mines. The US-Patented design minimizes effects of dust and moisture, while allowing easy field cleaning and recalibration using a built-in optical filter.

Use ASM units to back up CO and temperature monitoring for fire detection, especially important around conveyors which use modern polymer belt materials which generate a lot of smoke when jammed, but little CO or heat. Housed in a steel, wall mount box measuring 12x9x4.5". A digital meter is available for front panel numerical display in easy to read 1/2" high characters. Trip point relays may be added for stand-alone alarm and control operation. Quality, safety, performance and economy combine in this fine US-built product.

Spec: smoke monitor, 10% optical density FS. Diffusion; 4-20mA output; dust resistant Field calibrate without gas or smoke.

The ASM is a unique smoke monitor with analog 4-20mA output, linearly proportional to the visual obscuration caused by ambient smoke... the stated MSHA standard for fire (smoke) monitoring in underground mining. Developed over years of research, the SB100 offers a unique quantitative smoke monitoring capability. Most smoke detectors have only on/off alarms and are incapable of reporting gradually changing smoke levels. The SB100 monitors optical obscuration and generates an analog signal. The SB100 can be field cleaned and quickly calibrated using onboard optical filter.

MSHA regs (CFR30, 75.340, 75.344, 75.351) for monitoring underground electrical equipment (i.e. power centers, battery chargers, pumps, etc.) permit smoke monitoring as alternate to CO monitoring, imposing a 5% per meter obscuration alarm level. One alarm level is specified.

Smoke monitoring offers important advantages over CO fire monitoring:
  1. avoids false alarms from hydrogen gas from battery chargers,
  2. Avoids false alarms from CO generated from diesel equipment, and
  3. detects smoky electrical and conveyor belt fires that may not generate enough CO to activate a CO sensor.
  4. fast field calibration without the need for costly gases.

Analog smoke "monitoring" is better than an on/off "detecting". A slowly increasing signal can be responded to, well before an actual alarm. Data can be recorded and analyzed to define the trend parameters. Design minimize false alarms and desensitization from heavy dust. The IR source compensates for film/haze buildup on optical surfaces. If dust contamination ever occurs, brushing refreshes the optics. A handy optical calibrator provides a span reference. Housing measures 10x8x4.2" (254x203x107mm ); weighs 11 lbs (4.8Kg); has flanges for wall mount. A hinged lid make access easy.

Product name Cat No. Code
Ambient Smoke Monitor, complete SB100 7.2530
add for digital meter installed -D
Above with stand-alone AC power, trip relay board RM420
strobe/horn alarm control. -CTRL 7.2531

Requires 10-30VDC power, 3-wire hookup, drawing about 35mA FS. MSHA evaluated I.S. under file nomenclature of "MultiBoss", Class G (Issue 95), H (Issue 32) and L (Issue 40) for hazardous methane areas. US patent No. 5,420,440 issued to Rel-Tek Corp. May 30, 1995. Call for more details or to order.

ASM is a registered Rel-Tek trademark. Covered by Rel-Tek's US Patent 5,420,440.