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CO2Boss - Industrial Carbon Dioxide Sensors


CO2Boss™ Industrial Carbon Dioxide Sensor - Toxic Gas Sensor

Carbon Dioxide SensorIndustrial Carbon Dioxide Sensor
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The CO2Boss/I is proven product, representing many generations of enhanced circuitry, simplified hardware and maintenance, and extended useful life.

The 4-20mA analog output signal is standard. The electronics is modularized and potted to make it impervious to moisture and dust and is housed in a fiberglass enclosure. This three wire sensor consist of a + power a 4-20mA signal and a common. An LED current indicator provides a visible indication of power and signal. The operating voltage can range from 9.5 to 30 VDC and draws 90mA. The optional digital meter: 4 digits cover the standard range of 0-5000 ppm, as well as other custom ranges.

CO2Boss and GasBoss are Rel-Tek trademarks.