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CO2Boss™ Carbon Dioxide Sensor - Toxic Gas Sensor

Carbon Dioxide SensorCarbon Dioxide Sensor
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Carbon dioxide sensor -- 0-1-2-10-20-25-45% CO2,

Technology: Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR)

The CO2Boss™ is a breakthrough in economy and performance. A third the cost of others with similar specs, this unit is designed to serve industry and commercial businesses where budgets are tight and maintenance is minimal.

This self contained unit houses an optical infrared source and solid state absorption analyzer, the electronics generate 4-20mA and 0-1VDC analog outputs plus a 110VAC power supply, two SPDT individually settable trip relays, a meter and a pump... all packaged in a 10x7x7" (254x178x178mm) dust/water proof fiberglass enclosure. Weight is about 6 pounds (2.7kg). Contacts are rated at 115VAC/1A. An alternate 12VDC input power can be supplied on special request. DC version is shown.

Fast warm-up, operational in 30 seconds. Power consumption about 30 watts. An optional AC pump provides a means to extract a remote sample (about 500 ml/min) through a long delivery tube. One 1/4" diameter hose barb is provided on the unit. A particulate filter is standard.

The desired CO2 range can be specified. The standard unit is slightly non-linear, and a response or calibration curve is supplied. This is not a problem with trip point control. However, if a strictly linear analog output is required, then order the linearizing module. Accuracy is about 3% of full scale, repeatability about 1% FS.

Item Model Code
CO2Boss (115VAC) CO2Boss 7.1750
12VDC input power option suffix -DC 7.1753
Sample extraction pump (115VAC) suffix -EP 7.1760
Linearizing module suffix -LM 7.1765

The CO2Boss has proven reliable, even in the rigors of coal mining - offering economical, effective CO2 monitoring. Unit is ideal for mines, hospitals, green houses, breweries, foundries and industry, schools and densely occupied buildings, gymnasiums and arenas, etc. Note that the "GasBoss is the methane gas version of this same NDIR instrument. Call for more information or to order.

CO2Boss and GasBoss are Rel-Tek trademarks.