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Carbon Monoxide Sensor - Fire Detection Sensor

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FireBoss®*100 Carbon Monoxide Sensor -- All CO sensors are not alike. The FireBoss toxic 0-25-100-500 ppm CO sensor line has been re-designed and enhanced over a period of two decades of underground mining use, and has evolved as a tough, dependable product with exceptionally long-term stability. Others are often plagued with temperature problems and short life expectancy. We frequently observe sensors still working on their first electrochemical cell after 5- 8 years of grueling service.

Power is from 10-30VDC, 4-20ma linear signal, 2-wire hookup. FireBoss*100B is housed in a weather proof NEMA-4X enclosure, and offers an optional digital meter with easy to read 1/2" high characters. FireBoss*100/AP is housed in a small aluminum box with the general appearance of a smoke alarm, for office and other dry areas. Both models are MSHA classified for hazardous methane areas. Quality, safety, economy and performance converge in this unique, but well proven, US-manufactured product. Work it into your next project.

Parameters: Carbon monoxide 25/50/100/500 ppm, 4-20mA analog

Technology: Electro-chemical.

FireBoss*100B -- an analog 4-20mA (or selectable 2-10ma), 2-wire, stationary CO analyzer. Powered from 10 to 30 VDC, generating a 4-20mA (sinking) signal proportional to the ambient CO level. Optional power supply and trip point relay outputs can be added. Unit is housed in a sturdy, dust proof enclosure. A front panel digital meter is optional. Space is available inside enclosure to install an optional relay module.

This instrument has been proven reliable in heavy industry: underground coal mining, steel production plants, factories, incinerators, laboratories, etc. Thousands are in service.

The FB-100B offers exceptionally long CO cell life... units often in service for 2-5 years without requiring cell change. Long term stability, temperature compensation, fast calibration and tolerance for moisture and dust have given the instrument a reputation for exceptional dependability. A dust filter and calibration adapter are included. Requires normal atmospheric oxygen to operate properly. A flow through adapter cap is available for low pressure in-line monitoring.


Item Model Code
Standard ranges (0-25, 0-50, 0-100 ppm switchable ranges; no meter) FB100B 7.1110
Add digital meter add -D
Add connector set add -C
Decorator version (shielded, no meter) FB100B/AP 7.1150
(Other ranges for 300 and 500 ppm can be specified.)
Add 115/220 VAC power supply suffix -P **
Add set-point relays (2-SPDT 1A contacts) suffix -R **
Add strobe and horn alarms suffix -S **
Add flashing LED and horn (MSHA classified) suffix -L

** Not MSHA Classified for hazardous areas.

For use in hazardous methane areas, the FireBoss*100B is covered by MSHA classifications: G, H, J, K and L, and Certificate No. 700 (Canada - CSA/EMR). Check spec sheet for more details.

FireBoss is a registered Rel-Tek trademark