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GasBoss*100 Combustible Gas Sensor -- All combustible gas sensors aren't equal. There are big differences that rarely get mentioned. Our quality catalytic bead sensors last for years, often 5-10 or more, before a head needs to be replaced. Most of our competitors' last a year, maybe two. And, our GasBoss*100 sensors are low current so are approved intrinsically safe (I.S.) -- not explosion proof (X/P). Competitors' old fashioned high-current sensors are approved X/P -- not I.S. But X/P dictates that you either remove power from the sensor or declassify the area whenever intrusive maintenance is done. Did you know that I.S. maintenance can be done safely under full 24VDC power? Long life and I.S. combine to improve safety while vastly reducing your maintenance cost by cutting the frequency of cell replacement, while eliminating the cost of disrupting your operations. US-built and serviced. Rely on Rel-Tek for the best solutions.

GasBoss is a registered Rel-Tek trademark.