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OxyBoss SensorOxyBoss Sensor
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Oxygen Sensor -- The OxyBoss*100 is a long life product. The cell is guaranteed for one year. Rel-Tek has been manufacturing oxygen sensors for over a decade, and we've learned a lot about making sensors last longer. And, with an initial price comparable to competing "flash-bulb" O2 products, the cost of ownership of the high quality OxyBoss*100, including on-going maintenance, is a lot less. Range is 0-25% O2; uses 10-30VDC, 4-20ma, 2-wire hookup; supplied with NEMA-4X fiberglass enclosure with SS hardware and optional digital meter.

Another cost benefit is a natural zero, i.e. reading 4ma when ambient oxygen drops to zero; which may seem trivial, unless you have experience with competing sensors that don't. Calibrating the OxyBoss*100 is simple; use ambient air to set an upscale 20.7%. The cost savings?.. Well, with a natural zero, you never have to calibrate the zero point, a tedious process requiring what seems to be an interminable application of nitrogen. Safety, performance, reliability and low cost combine in the OxyBoss*100. This fine US-built product is engineered for quality, safety and performance.

Parameters: Oxygen, volume percent, 4-20mA analog transmitter

Technology: Electro-chemical

The OxyBoss*100 is an oxygen analyzer; 2-wire, stationary transmitter. It operates from 10-30 VDC, generating a 4-20mA (sinking) analog signal proportional to the O2 level (volume ratio). Unit is housed in a sturdy, dust proof fiberglass enclosure. A digital meter may be added. Space is provided to install an optional trip point relay module, with user adjustable trip points and SPDT (1A) contacts.

The OxyBoss*100 offers unusually long O2 cell life... units often in service for a year or more without requiring cell replacement. Long term stability, temperature compensation, easy calibration and tolerance for moisture and dust have given this instrument a reputation for dependability. A dust filter and calibration adapter are included. A flow through adapter is available for low pressure in-line monitoring. The unique O2 sensing cell assembly will not rust or corrode, the nemesis of competing products for wet environments.


Item Model Code
Standard ranges (0-6.25,0-12.5,0-25% O2 *) OB100 7.1200
            (switchable ranges; no meter)
Add digital meter Add -D
Add connector set Add -C
Decorator version (shielded, no meter) OB-100/AP 7.1240
* Other ranges can be specified.
Add 115/220 VAC power supply ** suffix -P  
Add set-point relays (2-SPDT 1A contacts) ** suffix -R
Add strobe and horn alarms ** suffix -S
Add flashing LED and horn (MSHA classified) suffix -L