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SafeBossTM Gas Monitoring and Alarm Systems - Even for Hazardous Areas - Toxic Gas Sensors

Affordable toxic and explosive gas monitoring systems protect your facility and personnel from dangerous gas leaks and accumulations.

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  1. 1.) Affordable Gas Detection

  2. 2.) Easy Installation

  3. 3.) Adaptable

  4. 4.) Local Audio/Visual Alarms

  5. 5.) Programmable

  6. 6.) Simply Plugs into 115VAC

Rel-Tek has pioneered in gas detection for the alt-fuel transit industry since the inception of CNG buses over a decade ago. Rel-Tek drew on its quarter-century of pioneering product development, experience and know-how -- from monitoring underground mines -- to tackle the dynamic alt-fuel transit industry. We continue to maintain that leadership role with the introduction of the SafeBoss sensor/alarm product line. Our new SafeBoss monitoring and alarm products provide the safety solution for smaller bus garages where budgets are limited, but safety is not. The features and capabilities of an engineered system are provided at an affordable price and without compromising performance, reliability or security.

The SafeBoss area monitor is a complete single-sensor gas detection system. It is specifically designed for easy startup and operation. Installed conveniently on the wall of your facility, the SafeBoss controller connects to your choice of a Rel-Tek combustible, oxygen or toxic sensor, which can be installed high under the roof, in a pit, or anywhere leaking gas is likely to accumulate. It can even partner with a variety of other transmitters such as relative humidity, temperature, smoke and air velocity using duplicate controllers. Sensors can be located up to 1,000 ft away. Larger systems are available on request, even including our unique automatic calibration utilities.

  1. Adaptable: Select gas sensors for methane, propane and other combustibles, oxygen, carbon monoxide or a variety of other toxics, see attached list. Temperature, relative humidity, smoke and air velocity are other options.

  2. Powerful: Microprocessor electronics with precise controls and gas alarms

  3. Programmable: Simple push button menu sets detection ranges, alarm set points, hysteresis and manual or automatic alarm reset.

  4. Integral Alarms: A brilliant amber strobe and distinctive warble horn alert personnel of deteriorating conditions.

  5. Intrinsic Safety: Sensors are approved I.S. for installation in hazardous areas. I.S. is safer than XP ratings; and I.S. is easier to install and maintain. Plus, you never have to declassify the area for service -- an XP sensor offers annoyance and ongoing cost issues.

  6. Robust enclosure: Controller has rugged steel NEMA-12 box with easy open hinged-clamp lid. Strobe and horn are integral, facilitating installation.

  7. Display: Continuously shows the gas level up front on the 1/2" high, 4 digit LCD

  8. Open sensor enclosure: Ventilated aluminum box avoids moisture buildup, the nemesis of XP equipment.

  9. Manual or Automatic Reset: For security, manual or key-lock alarm reset available

  10. Standard 4-20ma signal: Available for external recorder, data logger or PLC.

  11. Isolated 10-Amp Relays: HI/Low contacts for remote alarms and exhaust fan activation.

  12. Low cost, long life, low maintenance: Translates to "lowest cost of ownership"

  13. A quarter century of Rel-Tek gas monitoring expertise: Ahead, way ahead!

  14. Made with pride in the USA: No outsourcing here

  15. .
Input Power : 115/240VAC hookup, 1-amp max; or 12-24VDC, 1-amp
Installation : Install the 10x12x4" NEMA 12 control panel in fresh air. Connect controller to 115 VAC outlet or 12-24 VDC supply. Place the 5x5x4' alum sensor virtually anywhere. Connect sensor with 14/3 shielded cable, 1000' max
Sensor resolution : 12-bit A/D, 4096 digital steps (.0244%) max to min.
Accuracy : Gas readout typically, +/- 3% FS, plus one digit
Alarms : Two; One amber strobe (warning) and one warble horn (high)
Alarm Reset : User selectable, automatic or manual
Temperature : Toxic sensors: -4F to 110F (-20C to 43C) Controller and combustibles -40F to 160F (-40C to 71C)
Humidity : 0 to 99% RH, (non-condensing)
Outputs : Analog: universal 4-20ma format
Relays : 10-Amp DPDT low and high alarm contacts
Display : Liquid Crystal, 4 digit; Large, half-inch characters
Sensing Method : Gas diffusion, no moving parts
Toxic and oxygen =electrochemical
Combustibles = poison-resistant catalytic bead (LEL)
        "" = or thermal conductivity (100% by Vol)
Sensor Ratings : Approved to UL-913, NEC-70 CL I, Div 1,2 environments when used with optional I.S. barrier. Combustible sensors certified for Group D gases. Toxic and oxygen sensors certified for Groups B, C & D
Industrial : Regulatory compliance, monitoring utility vaults, battery rooms, vent hoods, process leakage, compressor stations, gas wells, locker rooms, confined spaces; oil rigs, gas compressors, pipeline monitoring, offshore drilling, fuel storage.
Commercial : Methane abatement, landfills; CO in parking garages, office buildings, subways, tunnels; CNG, LNG, LPG fueling facilities; schools, pools, chlorinators; toxic waste cleanup,
Laboratory : Exhaust hoods, clean rooms, gas cylinder storage, pilot processes, hospitals
Municipal : Supplemental monitoring at wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, sewers, manholes, waste disposal sites, transit garages, landfills, toxic cleanup.
Government: Ships, hazardous cargos, port surveillance, fuel depots, airfields, base pollution, and enforcement, nuclear waste storage, research facilities,

Control Module

SafeBoss-CTRL-IS-1 Controller / Alarm Module with intrinsically safe barrier
SafeBoss-CTRL-FA-1 Controller / Alarm Module, for unclassified sensor location
Includes : 2 programmable alarm set points, liquid crystal display, amber strobe, warble horn, 10 amp DPDT relay, 4-20ma remote signal, all housed in a steel NEMA-12 enclosure.


GasBoss-AP-CH4 Methane / combustibles, catalytic bead 0-100% LEL
GasBoss-AP-CH4-TC Methane, thermal conductivity 0-100% Vol.
ToxiBoss-TB-AP/CO-r Carbon Monoxide, electro-chemical 0-100 ppm
ToxiBoss-TB-AP/O2-r Oxygen, electro-chemical 0-25% Vol.
ToxiBoss-TB-AP/NO2-r Nitrogen Dioxide, electro-chemical 0-10 ppm
ToxiBoss-TB-AP/HCN-r Hydrogen Cyanide, electro-chemical 0-10 ppm
ToxiBoss-TB-AP/NH3-r Ammonia, electro-chemical 0-100 ppm
ToxiBoss-TB-AP/-Cl2-r Chlorine, electro-chemical 0-10 ppm
ToxiBoss-TB-AP/H2S-r Hydrogen Sulfide, electro-chemical 0-50 ppm
ToxiBoss-TB-AP/SO2-r Sulfur Dioxide, electro-chemical 0-10 ppm
ToxiBoss-TB-AP/O3-r Ozone, electro-chemical 0-1 ppm
ToxiBoss-TB-AP/HCl-r Hydrogen Chloride, electro-chemical 0-25 ppm
ToxiBoss-TB-AP/H2-r Hydrogen (use CH4/TC for high range) 0-1,000 ppm
HotBoss HB-100-A Ambient Temperature Probe -40 to 140F
AirBoss AB-200W Air Velocity 0-2,000 f/m
SmokeBoss SB-100 Opacity 0-10% OD
WetBoss WB-100-4 Relative Humidity 0-95% RH

KK-500 Calibration Kit, includes test cup, regulator and tubing
KG-ZG Calibration Gas, zero air, (20.9% oxygen)
KG-CH4/2.5 Calibration Gas, span gas 2.5% methane, (50% LEL)
KG-CO50 Calibration Gas, span gas 50 ppm
GB-AP-SHA Combustible replacement sensor
FB-AP-SHA Carbon Monoxide replacement sensor
OB-SHA Oxygen replacement sensor

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