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Temperature SensorTemperature Sensor
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Features: Robust; 200C; 4-20mA

Technology: Semiconductor and RTD probes; ambient, contact, or insertion.

The HotBoss®*100 is a versatile, multi-range temperature transmitter. Operating from 10-30VDC, this unit generates a 4-20mA analog signal proportional to the probe temperature, over the designated range. Probes are available in three forms, 1) ambient air, 2) flat, copper, bolt-down contact for bolting to pillow block or motor mount and 3) tubular, SS with 1/4" NPT bushing for replacing a grease fitting on a gear box. For ambient monitoring under 60C (140F), probe is usually installed on control box. Above 60C, mount probe externally using 6-ft long cable supplied.

Application Model Size and interface Max temp
A - Ambient HB100-SMR-A 1"Dx4"L, probe/cover 60C (140F)
(1/2" M-conduit ftg) 100C (212F)
B - Contact HB100-SMR-C 1"Wx4"Lx.1"thk, flat 200C (392F)
(bolt down) (two 3/8" dia holes on .8" centers)
C - Grease fitting HB100-SMR-G 1/4" D x 6" L tube 200C (392F)
(insertion) (1/4" NPT M-threads)


Custom probe styles and ranges may be specified, including low/high extremes of -20C (-4F) to 200C (392F). Controller unit (5x5x2") is wall mounted. Install one probe at each bearing. A master control box with power supply, sensor electronics, set-point relays, digital meter, alarm strobe/horn and control outputs can be supplied.

Item Model Code
HotBoss*100-A (ambient, free air) HB100-A 7.1800
" -G (grease ftg, insert) HB100-G 7.1805
" -C (contact, bolt on) HB100-C 7.1810
" Electronics control module HB100-ECM 7.1800/10
" Ambient probe HB100-SMR-A 7.1800/15
" Grease/insertion probe         "         -G 7.1800/25
" Contact probe         "         -C 7.1800/30
" Stand alone controller HB100/SA/CTLR 3.8011

The HotBoss*100 is MSHA-classified G, H and L, issues 95/32/40 respectively under Rel-Tek's "MultiBoss" file for use in hazardous areas. Barriers are available. Call for more details or order.

HotBoss is a registered Rel-Tek trademark.