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ToxiBoss - Toxic Gas Sensor


ToxiBossTM- Toxic Gas Sensor

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ToxiBoss is a wall mounted gas sensor with interchangeable sensing heads to cover a wide variety of toxic gas situations. It is approved intrinsically safe for hydrogen (Group B) environments. Its Class I, Div 1 and 2, Group BCD approval means that it may be used in any hazardous gas environment, except acetylene. And, being intrinsically safe, it can be serviced in place without having to disconnect power or to undertake a costly declassification of the area. Also, the ToxiBoss can be installed in Div 2 applications without the added cost of sealed conduit.

Pick any one of the following sensing heads to suit your particular needs.

Gas Range Units Sensor model Head Designation
CO 0-500 ppm TB-CO/500 TBH-CO/500
NO2 0-10 ppm TB-NO2/500 TBH-NO2/500
H2S 0-50 ppm TB-H2S/500 TBH-H2S/500
H2 0-25 ppm TB-H2/500 TBH-H2/500
Cl2 0-10 ppm TB-CL2/500 TBH-CL2/500
SO2 0-10 ppm TB-SO2/500 TBH-SO2/500
O2 0-100 % TB-O2/100 TBH-O2/100

The ToxiBoss unit is normally supplied with a NEMA-4X fiberglass and SS weatherproof housing. For indoor use it can also be purchased with a smaller aluminum housing with the size and appearance of a domestic smoke alarm. Use the standard NEMA-4x version where moisture and dirt are expected. Pick the aluminum version for decorative appearance, ease of wiring and fast access for wiring and adjustments. Both styles have sealed electronics to absolutely protect the integrated circuit components from corrosion.

The ToxiBoss is intended for ceiling or wall mounting. It produces a linear 4-20ma-output signal; excitation 9.5-30VDC, drawing 50ma, 3-wire hookup.

ToxiBoss arrays can be monitored individually by Rel-Tek's TelEcon trip-point relay modules, while large arrays can be monitored, logged and networked using Rel-Tek's Millennia-DX® PC-based SCADA systems. They can be fitted with calibration adapters for automatic calibration using Rel-Tek's unique MagiKalTM utilities (patents pending).

Call or email for more information and application assistance.

ToxiBoss Specifications:

TB100B (Standard version)
Size 6.5w x 8h x 5.5d inches (165w x 203h x 140d mm)
Weight 3.5 pounds (1.6 Kg)
ConstructionNEMA-4X, tough, fiberglass polyester Hinged door and secure access
Hardware Stainless steel, for long life
Circuit module Potted for moisture/dust resistance
Hookup terminals3, (+) power, signal return and common
Installation flangesSupplied, for four 1/4" bolts
Cable access ports1 (or 2 on special request)
TB100/AP (sheltered version)
Same electrical and performance specs
Size/Weight 5x5x3", weighs 2 pounds
Input voltage9.5 to 30 VDC
Input current 50 ma
Number of conductors 3, size 14-20 AWG (.5-3.3 sq mm) 20AWG or larger
Current driver Auto-compensation, for combined load/line resistance.
Grounding Not required
Fuse solid state, auto-reset
Gas Sensing
Cell type Electrochemical fuel-cell; plug-in replaceable.
Cell construction Capillary aperture minimizes gas interference and extends life
Access to atmosphere Diffusion, no pump required
Gas range 0-250 ppm depend upon cell 0-500 max; options to 2000 ppm. Requires at least 1% oxygen.
Sensitivity--1 ppm in air (by volume)
Drift Usually less than 1 ppm per month when stabilized in location.
Expected cell lifeDepends on cell type-generally 1-3 years under normal conditions
MSHA ClassifiedClasses G/H/L under MultiBoss file for coal mines
NRTL UL-913Intrinsically safe to Class I, Div 1 & 2, Groups B C D
Other Approvals Canada; CSA-C22.2 #157-M1979 CANMET ERCan (EMR) Cert. #700 for coal mines

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