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TS-100™ Transient Suppressor

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TS-100™ and TS-3000 Data Line Protectors -- Lightning on data lines can do a very bad number on your computer equipment. We designed a high quality, functionally redundant product that traps line transients in a number of different ways, just in case the transient happens to overwhelm any one way. For maximum protection, delta connected 1500A pulse zeners, fuses, resistors, ferrite snubbers, gas discharge tubes, and a broad-plane ground intercept matrix all combine to help intercept and quench line transients.

Transient Lightning Suppressor
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The TS-100 is a four-circuit product rated at 600 volt exposure limit, while the TS-3000 has five circuits with bi-directional redundancy, and a 3000 volt rating, both MSHA evaluated as Power Circuit Barriers for mining. As many as two of either of these 4.5x9" modules can be mounted in a steel 12x12" wall-mount box, requiring 12AWG to earth ground. These fine products represent indispensable insurance for helping protect your valuable computer and data acquisition equipment. US-manufactured and serviced.

TS-100 protects four-wire circuits serving computer or other sensitive electrical equipment that could be damaged by lightning or inductive transients. Provides serious protection of communication circuits (1 to 4) for both normal and common mode spikes. The sturdy circuit board (9 x 4.5") uses heavy duty input and output terminals and massive ground intercepts for quenching stray arcs.

Input side: The first level of defense against dangerous high voltage transients on the line is the 300 amp, 1 ms, bi-directional gas discharge tube, in line with power resistors and 600V fuses. High frequency ferrite snubbers help stifle high frequency transients. Protected side: has bi-directional 1500 watt power zeners limit the output to about 10% above the signal voltage level normally carried by the protected lines. Protection is line-to-line and line-to-ground. The extremely high speed (1 Pico sec) and sharp "knee" zeners avoid leakage from the transmitted signal. If the power zener capacity is ever exceeded, the zeners fail by shorting to ground and safely blowing the inline fuses.

The TS-100 carries MSHA's classification for use as a power circuit barrier for a mine-wide monitoring system. The MSHA 600V PCB rating permits system exposure to 600V and fuse ratings to 4 amps. Refer to "BlueBaby" data sheet for more details regarding barrier applications. A 115 VAC version, TS-100-2, is available for protecting 115VAC circuits. The max fuse rating is 15 amps. Insertion resistance is less than one ohm per circuit. The above mentioned MSHA evaluation does not cover this higher powered version. TS-100 modules are installed in a steel enclosure (optional) with space for two units protecting 8-circuits. An earth ground connection with 12 AWG (or larger) copper conductor is required.

4-wire capacity, lightning protection signal and power circuits.
Functionally redundant protectors
Item Model Code
TS-100 for delicate comm circuit protection. TS-100-1-xx 3.9100
Specify XX (6-62 volts); .4 to 4A fuses.
8 ohms insertion resistance is standard.
TS-100 for 115VAC instrument protection. TS-100-2 3.9150
Bi-directional 120VAC; .4 to 15A fuses.
In steel enclosure with AC outlets.
One ohm insertion. Not MSHA classified.
TS-100 for use as power circuit barrier TS-100-3 3.9170
Bi-directional, 64V limits; 2-4A fuses
Zero ohms insertion. MSHA Class (600V)
Any of above installed in steel enclosure add - BX

Call the factory or distributor for more details or to order.

TS-100 is a Rel-Tek trademark.