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VibraBoss - Vibration Sensor


VibraBoss™*100 Vibration Sensor - Enviromental Sensor

Vibration SensorVibration Sensor
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Technology: Piezoelectric, 4-20mA , 2-wire

Parameters: 0-1 in/sec average velocity output optional 0-.1" displacement FS

A robust, versatile vibration sensor for continuous monitoring of rotating equipment such as large motors, fans, conveyors, etc. Simple to install and monitor; 2-wire hookup, 10-30VDC supply, signal powered, 4-20mA analog output proportional to average vibration velocity, or optionally, displacement. Designed for monitoring equipment with rotational speeds between 200 and 2000 RPM. For rotor speeds less than 500 rpm, "displacement" is generally more significant; at speeds about 2000 RPM, "acceleration" is the parameter of choice.

A unique and important feature of the VibraBoss™*100 is that it responds to "jerk" - technically the third derivative of displacement with respect to time (y''') - rather than acceleration (y''). This makes it uniquely insensitive to the earth's gravitational field, thus simplifying installation by avoiding precise alignment usually needed for other acceleration (y'') based transducers. The electronics contained in the VibraBoss*100 integrates the jerk (y''') signal and generates the desired velocity (y' ) or displacement (y) output as a 4-20mA signal.

The 4-20mA signal can be monitored externally with any computer monitoring system, chart recorder, or by an optional stand alone threshold detector. Typically, an increase in the vibration signal to 0.25 in/sec can trigger a maintenance alarm, while a level of 0.5 in/sec can initiate automatic shutdown.

For security, install one sensor horizontally at each bearing. A control box with power supply, set-point relays, meter, warning strobe and alarm horn for monitoring one or more points can be supplied.


Item Model Code
VibraBoss*100, w/ all mounting hdw VB100 7.2710
sensor assembly only VB-SEN 7.2710/1
Mounting base, brass, bolt on, screw in VB-BAS 7.2710/50
Optional controller unit VB100-CTL-1 7.2716

VibraBoss and MultiBoss are a Rel-Tek trademarks.