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Featured: Wheeling Tunnel

Rel-tek Corporation's latest featured project; Wheeling Tunnel.


       Vehicle Leak SystemVehicle Leak
       Pipeline Leak DetectionPipeline Leak
       Boiler Room MonitoringBoiler Room
       Gas Compressor MonitoringGas Compressor

Rel-Tek Corporation is ahead... way ahead.

We have state of the art technologies and equipment for all of your needs for your site(s).

MSHA and UL Approved Sensors and equipment

MSHA, CANMET, UL, etc Approved Sensors, Equipment and accessories

There are over 100 approvals (MSHA, CANMET, NYC-MEA, and UL standards) covering Rel-Tek environmental sensors and accessories for use in various applications.

Hardware - I/O Modules, sensors, Barriers

Dependable Hardware

Rel-Tek's hardware are the best in the industry. They are very low maintenance and are designed and manufactured in house from ground up.

Services - Q-star and E-Star

A+++ Services

At Rel-Tek, we truly care about our customers and go out of our way to help them. That also includes troubleshooting our systems over the phone and the Internet in the event customers need help. Plus, we offer on-site quarterly maintenance service.

State of the Art Technology

State of the Art Technology (Software/System)

We have state of the art technology for gas monitoring systems, which was built from the ground up by Rel-Tek Corporation.

Rel-Tek Corporation - News/Events


We attend events and shows to meet with people in other industries and potential customers showcasing our products and technologies

Touchscreen Wall-Mount Computer System

Now Available. Touchscreen Wall-Mount System with virtual keyboard

Touchscreen Wall-Mount Computer was designed for use as a zone monitoring device. This device can monitor its own zone or remotely look at other zones through the primary computer.

Our Customers are our #1 priority.