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Rel-Tek Corporation Software Packages

Not just another Windows or Linux based software package. Rel-tek manufactures complete gas monitoring and control systems, including the powerful and easy to use Millennia-DX PC software. Millennia-DX is designed for those of us who don't have time to become computer experts, but who need a quality system with an easy, intuitive setup; modularity to enable the system to grow; fast, reliable communications; and low budget pricing.

Plus, maintaining and verifying sensor accuracy is imperative, to maintain the sensitivity to detect gas emissions and properly activate alarms and controls, while avoiding costly false alarms. Every sensor, regardless of the type or technology, will drift at bit with time, and calibration is usually recommended at monthly or bi-monthly intervals. MagiKal/DX® is a computer driven utility that automatically calibrates and logs all your sensors every month, without any human intervention. The savings from MagiKal/DX® will pay back the cost of the automatic calibration investment over and over. We also have Linux Version available.