2019 Smart Mining Expo Annual Conference and Expo

Smart Mining Expo (SME) Annual Conference and Expo

Smart Mining Expo Rel-Tek Corporation AwAir System SME 2019 Annual Conference, Denver, CO
Technical paper given by Albert Ketler, President of Rel-Tek Corporation.

“AwAir gas detection system for Refuge Alternatives using gas extraction with automatic calibration”

The “AwAir”TM gas detection system manufactured by Rel-Tek Corporation monitors five gases (CH4, CO2, CO, O2 and H2) inside and outside of a Refuge Alternative chamber using gas extraction via Teflon tubes.

This “AwAir” system [Part 18] approved (#18-A150009-0) is available for use in emergency underground shelters. The electrical approval also covers use as a stand-alone system for monitoring gob areas and other hazardous mine locations. For nearly a decade Rel-Tek has worked to develop and perfect this unique gas monitoring system to satisfy the demanding Refuge Alternative monitoring requirements, per 30 CFR, Parts 7 and 75. Conferring with MSHA and NIOSH for assessment of safety issues along the way, the result is an optimized air monitoring package that exceeds the requirements, while enhancing packaging by eliminating many individual gas sensors. Rel-Tek’s unique automatic sensor calibration utility maintains sensor accuracy for years, unattended, thus virtually eliminating the cost of maintenance.
{a copy of the full paper given is available upon request}

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