Millennia/DX Monitoring System

Parameters: PC/Windows based software, computer, communication drivers and intelligent field I/O cards; 10-mile range.

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PC Based System in a CabinetPC Based System in a Cabinet
PC Based System in a Wall Mount PCPC Based System in a Wall Mount PC
Uniquely integrated software and hardware package provide a fast, capable monitoring and control system - specially engineered for high reliability and ease of use. Software runs on a PC with Windows Operating System. The new code, written as one distinct program, eliminates the slow and often unreliable DDE links most competitors use for message transfer. User friendly; lightning fast hard-coded graphics (not Visual Basic); enhanced draw tools; object dynamics, icon library with meters, graphs, lights, hot buttons, vertical or horizontal fill, translate, rotate, scale, invisible, animation; startup and control script, audio out, alarm logs, networking, multi-level security; error detection and logging, dynamic UPS interface, Boolean logic; 253 I/O card addresses (any type); 10-mile communications over twisted pair cable; unlimited view screens; in/out modem access; 12-bit analog resolution; 2040 I/O point capacity. Hot-Standby is available.

The following list of software and hardware is only a sampling of the options available. Contact Rel-Tek Corporation for a complete list.

Computer software Code
Millennia-DX 64-Bit Monitoring software, Windows 7 Pro/ Linux 64-Bit 3.041
MagiKal Auto Calibration Software 3.042
Remote access SW 3.0132
UPS shutdown SW 3.0135
Computer hardware Code
Computer - with current Windows or Linux Operating System. 3.1135
DX-COM w/panel Communication driver, w/PS & panel 3.1502
Color Monitor 19" or 22" LCD. Optional Touchscreen LCD Only 3.1204
Printer color ink-jet or laser 3.3402
Millennia/DX/CAB Computer cabinet, 26"Wx24"Dx62"H 3.3202
Sentinel/L15 UPS, 15-minutes, w/ computer interface 3.3004
Sentinel/L240 UPS, 4-hour, w/ computer interface 3.3010

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